Colour Landscapes

Monochrome is atmospheric, it always has been, as the black and white contrasts are easy to understand and simple to relate to. They can be very dramatic and sometimes quite graphic.

Large colour images have such a dramatic effect, especially where one colour dominates. Cool greens can provide serenity, like having a piece of the landscape within your own four walls.

The heat of my Egyptian desert scenes can do just the opposite and invigorate the senses. At the time, I was working in the Valley of the King's, documenting the tombs of the King's for the Brooklyn Museum, New York. The excavation team I worked along side lived in Davis House, in the West Valley, walking every day into the Valley of the King's to work.

I have also provided some of the seascapes that I took more recently while walking in the Outer Hebrides.  The turquoise waters seem almost Carribean but but the shards of rock that cluster the shores, like fins of sharks, cut into that entrancing blue, breaking the cool tones into flecks of foam.